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Aren’t there just some days where you just want to stay home in your PJs all day, but there are just things you have to get done?
On days like this, I’m always too lazy to dress up, and instead, opt for a more casual and laid-back look. I’ve put together a simple and comfortable outfit that I usually wear when I’m just out running errands, and I wanted to share it with you all.
With just a simple black t-shirt and dark-washed denim jeans, this look still manages to look ‘put-together’ enough due to its form-fitting silhouettes. I personally prefer v-necked over round-necked shirts because they just look more stylish (yet casual), and because I have broader shoulders than most girls, the v-neck creates an illusion of a smaller clavicle due to the shirt’s cutting, drawing eyes downwards instead of towards the shoulder bones.
If this all seems a little too plain for you, you can always throw on a cap (like I did). By choosing a fun pattern, quirky quote, or popular character (like the Hello Kitty on my black cap), you can have a focus point for your whole outfit. Fun accessories also serve as a really great conversation starter, so a bright hat, cap, or even beanie will surely get you some interesting comments. To balance the ‘loud’ cap that I’m wearing, I decided to just be safe in my choice for bags, going with a plain black one.
I love wearing these types of outfits on casual days because it’s very simple, but the clothing still flatters the body, so you don’t look completely frumpy, even though you’re not in a ‘dress-up’ mode. This look could even work for school, but remember to bring a light cardigan or jacket to keep yourself warm.
What do you all wear when you run errands? Be sure to leave your answers in the comments section! Thank you for viewing, and I’ll be back soon! Hope you all enjoyed!
On Me
Top: Forever 21 V-Necked Basic T-Shirt in Nude Black, USD $6.99
Bottom: Hollister Jeggings in Dark Wash, USD $49.50
Shoes: Montego Bay Strappy Zip-Up Sandals in Nude, USD $12.00

Hello Kitty Cap in Black, USD $10.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Leather Watch, USD $150.00

Style & Co. Leather Tote in Black, USD $80.00

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