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It’s February, but California has decided to grace us with bright sunshine and cool breezes. Even though the weather’s so nice, it’s sometimes hard to dress for days like this. Today, I’ll be sharing a light yet comfortable look that’s perfect for sunny winter days that aren’t exactly too warm.
I usually go for long-sleeved pieces, and this time, I’ve picked a sweater dress (because who doesn’t love loose and comfortable clothes) made of a light knit material, so it won’t be too overbearingly warm. It’s quite simple, with a v-neckline and a few buttons on the sleeves to spice things up, but overall, the top doesn’t really stand out, which is why I picked it up in blush, an almost-nude-pink color that pops a little in the midst of a gray February day.
Paired with distressed-looking jeggings in gray, the grungy bottoms really stand out against the soft pink of the top. I wanted this contrast because it just makes the whole outfit more of an enigma (because sometimes, fashion doesn’t really have to make sense). Besides, I like to add a little twist to my clothing choices because there’s no fun in ‘safe’ outfits all the time.
I threw on my trusty wool ivory coat, just in case it becomes a little chillier at night. Once again, the off-white color of the coat matches well with the soft top, but at the same time, I also wanted to give my bottoms the proper finish to complete the whole enigmatic ensemble. That’s why for shoes, I opted for tan combat boots. While the whole nature of the shoe adds to the distressed jeggings I’m wearing, the color choice is still soft, matching the whole mood of the outfit.
For accessories, I just threw on a beanie that’s almost the same color as my boots, and to finish off the entire look, I paired it with a simple tote bag, also within the same color scheme.
This outfit is perfect for wearing to school or just for a casual day out with friends because it’s so versatile, but still casually stylish. Hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll be back again soon!
On Me

Top: H&M V-Necked Sweater Dress in Nude Pink, USD $24.95
Bottom: Bora Jeggings in Gray, USD $5.00
Coat: from Nordstrom in Ivory, USD $120.00
Shoes: Cathy Jeans Mid-Calf Combat Boots in Tan, USD $27.50

Bora Beanie in Warm Tan, USD $10.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Leather Watch, USD $150.00

Coach Poppy Signature Small Tote in Metallic Ivory, USD $200.00

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